A SuperDesk for 100 SuperPeople

4,400 SF of a single, continuous desk/work space at the Barbarian Group office, designed by Architect Clive Wilkinson.

Made of mostly resin and some plywood, this masterpiece can accommodate 100 people.

The idea is to keep the ideas flowing.





photo credit: http://www.navidbaraty.com


Sit back and admire



Many things have been done before.  And people will keep doing the same things, in different ways.  But some simply do it better, like this airy and artistically designed Leather Sling Chair from Roost Arlo Leather, stands sleek with it’s flexible iron rod base.



Cassandra Verity Green (CVG) x Iconic Bubble Rucksack Backpack

Where visuals drives inspiration and inspiration also creates visuals, my mind is now filled with whimsical thoughts and  fantasies.  Cassandra Verity Green, a London based knitwear designer, created this collection, Neptune’s Daughter, for her graduate show at Central Saint Martins last year.  Inspired by an aquatic life, her first two goldfishes were named Babatunde and Milkshake.  It is now said to expect the unexpected from CVG.  I’m looking forward to more.







to keep crushing: http://www.cassandraveritygreen.com/#neptune

Rag And Bone’s Camel Nubuck Wyatt Heels

41055F129001_3 41055F129001_4


Saw it on SSENSE & fell in love.

Vogue x Gibson Girls

The early years of Vogue featured many of their covers using “Gibson girls”, a term coined after Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944) who standardized the American idea of beauty and femininity which was primarily inspired by his wife, Irene Langhorne.  Gibson’s pen and ink style of illustrations often portrayed a beautiful, slender yet well-endowed woman with a prominent hourglass figure gathered by a swan-bill corset and with hair piled soft and high – an epitome of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Thereafter, many artists and illustrators started to model after this ideal image and many of these Gibson girls drawings have made it on  Vogue covers as a target towards only the high society.


Above: 1910 Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson, “Patience,” Shows a Gibson Girl Alone at Table


Above: image from Why,That’s Delightful  







Designer Profile: ACRONYM® – A stealth operation

ACRONYM® is a German-based label created by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh in 1994 to bring technical apparel into the marketplace.  Designed with the influence of Karate, technology and style, their products have a superiority that speaks for itself.  The women’s line at ACRONYM is impressive – particularly this vest/cape hybrid piece (SS-CP2F) below.  It is perfectly structured with Swiss made schoeller® WB-400™ softshell fabric and a tiered construction – creating a perfect balance of cool feminine/masculine vibe and a futuristic drape that seems to transform you into a stealth ninja, ready to take on the world.





SS-CP2F ~$891.43 @ ACRONYM®

Fast Foward : Swimwear from the 1940s

Swimwear has changed so much since its creation, particularly in terms of coverage.  We can take a look into history and it’s apparent – we now live in a much liberated “string bikinis” society.  However, it’s important to acknowledge that some of the best influences for our current fashion is directly linked to history. So while  paying homage these women of the 1940s, these designers decidedly carved out the sides to create a more updated and modern look.

Vintage Beach 16

Circa 1940: Models playing on a beach wear knitted, one piece, skirted swimsuits and swimcaps. (Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)


RICK OWENS SS14 Vicious Draped Swimsuit



Estuaries SS14 Hudson One Piece Swimsuit


Degrees Adriana (Adriana Degreas) SS14 One Piece Swimsuit 



2014: Luck in the Year of The Horse

Welcome to the Year of the Horse in the Lunar New Year of 2014.   We have a great year ahead – the Year of the Horse is believed by the Chinese to bring fortunate and luck.

For those born in the year of the Horse, your spirit is energetic, cheerful, warm-hearted and intelligent.   Horses loves a great party and having many friends, and they are highly intuitive which helps in making the right decisions in life.  They will tell you what’s on their mind and does not like be bounded by rules.  Years of the Horse: 2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942, 1930, 1918, 1906.

The beautiful part of astrology is you can implement it in your life and ride with the energy, here are some great pieces to check out:  



Horse Hoof Wrap Ring from Khazimulaj Jewellery



Running Horse Scarf from This Way to Heaven 


One Piece Swimsuit from Wild Fox Swim 

The Art of Memory: An Empty But Impressive USB

Industrial designers Hanhsi Chen & Yookyung Shin of Logical Art Design Ltd are pushing boundaries when it comes your memory.  The smart and sleek structure of these USB sticks are so cool and futuristic, we could string it up and wear it as jewelry.  With that versatility in mind, it’s priced rightfully like a piece of art at $80-100 USD.  How much empty memory do you need?

eshop00 eshop02



Looking Good and Warm: A Guide to Surviving A New York Winter

I’m used to running around in flip flops and shorts all day growing up in Honolulu.  So my first New York winters were as beautiful as it was painful.  With my slightly rebellious streak, it took me 4 unbearably cold years to finally outsmart the harsh winter.  Truth is I hate layering – taking on and off what feels like 10pcs of clothes is no fun and certainly doesn’t look good.

Here are the winter essentials:

Goose Down Jacket.  

Go with a fill of 550 pretty goose feathers and up.  Find ones that are slim quilted or has a belt so you can still look sleek and sexy, albeit oversize.   Throw it over a strappy cocktail dress and you’ll be wrapped in warmth of the goose.  I now own 3 and that’s all I’ll ever wear.

Fleece Leggings.

Why wear 2 or 3 pairs of pants when one pair of warm fuzz fleece leggings will do the trick?  Slip one on and you can so go dancing in a stilettos and a party dress when it’s zero degrees out.

Bunny Gloves.

I’m an animal lover, but I must say yes to rabbits.  They are the best in keeping the warmth in when that razor sharp wind hits.

Knee High Boots.

It shields your leg from the wind and it looks good.  So it’s worth it to spend over 200 on a good (and sleek) real leather pair because it will last you many winters.  Choose ones with 1-2 inches high and a chunkier heel, so you’ll be comfortable walking the city in them.  Besides, knee high boots are super sexy!

Wool Socks.

These will save your life, especially when it’s snowing or all wet and gloomy out.  Wool is the best, or fleece lined ones do the trick too.  Keep your cotton socks for the summer months.

Ear Muffs.

Find warm fuzzy furry ones that are soft against your ears.  Super fun to shop for and super cute to accessorize with.  Your ears will thank you for it.

Basically, when in doubt, choose wool or goose down anything and everything.  Stay warm!